Make A Happy Habit Today

Cheerly is a Wellness Game that boosts motivation 19% and mood 16% in just 7 days!*

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Discover the You'niverse

We ask questions, you find answers.

Based On Your "Big 5" Personality Traits

Our quizzes illuminate the dimensions of your personality.**

Level Up Your Life

Receive personalized suggestions on happy living.

Improve Your Relationships

Share and compare results to improve connection with friends and family!

Make Happy a Habit

Every day can't be the best day - but progress is just a tap away!

Build Habits

Build a routine with the funkiest habit tracker around!

Earn Achievements

Earn badges and celebrate your progress to stay motivated.

Made with Care

We love what we do, and we do it for you!

Master Your Wellness

With a suite of self improvement features

All Story(All Levels, Quizzes, and Chapters)
28 Day Mood Chart
Daily Skips(Adventures)2Unlimited
Daily Posts1Unlimited

What People Are Saying

5 / 5

“This is an adorable app. The ui is incredible, the sounds are perfectly soothing, and the graphics are absolutely precious. This is a cute and creative way to get to know yourself and develop happy habits ♡”

5 / 5

“I don’t normally leave reviews, especially on stuff I don’t have a big problem with or whatever but this is such a good little app. If you’re having any kind of trouble motivating yourself, struggling with mental health, or just want a more fun way to organize your day, this is it. Would leave a bonus star but I literally can’t.”

5 / 5

“Absolutely loving this app! After reading the reviews I had to dl it & went ahead purchased full version. Not disappointed at all! You guys have provided us with a much needed app in today’s world! Thank you! 💕”

5 / 5

It’s a great app, it really helped take stress away and brought back happiness in my life. It provides great tasks and opens up the world. It’s so positive and fun.


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*19% Motivation & 16% mood improvement was determined using over 1500 user self-reports. Dependent sample t-test used for statistical significance (t-score=11.0, df=1569, p<0.001).

**App assessments and materials have been approved by Psychologists with a minimum of a PhD.

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